NFL live betting: Texans vs. Chiefs live betting odds show how quickly point spreads, moneylines and over/unders can change

NFL live betting - Texans vs. Chiefs
The excitement of NFL live betting saw the Texans vs. Chiefs live betting odds change countless times over just 10:58 of game action. (Photo credit: Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports)

Welcome to the wild world of NFL live betting. If you’re not happy with the point spread, over/under or moneyline heading into a game – just wait a minute or two. The excitement of NFL live betting is a whole different ballgame.

The example we are going to use here is from Texans vs. Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round of the 2020 NFL playoffs – a game which saw Houston’s 24-point lead vanish with four quick Kansas City touchdowns in the second quarter.

These events took place over exactly one hour of real-time clock and just 10:58 of game action. The Texans vs. Chiefs live betting point spread alone changed more than 10 times during this span. These NFL live betting odds are courtesy of FanDuel.

NFL live betting

3:59 p.m. ET: The Texans, following a timeout, opted to kick a 31-yard field goal on 4th and 1. The successful attempt gave the Texans a 24-0 lead. Once 9.5-point underdogs, the Texans are now 9.5-point favorites according to the live betting odds.

The over/under, which was 50.5 prior to kickoff, is now 60.5.

On the moneyline, the Texans are -500. The Chiefs are +370. Remember this for later.

4:02 p.m. ET: After the Chiefs’ Mecole Hardman returned the ensuing kickoff for 58 yards, still ahead, 24-0, the point spread suddenly drops to Texans -7.5.

4:03 p.m. ET: With the Chiefs nearing the end zone, the point spread now falls to Texans -6.5. The over/under, before the Chiefs even score, spikes to 64.5.

4:04 p.m. ET: The Chiefs finally get on the scoreboard after quarterback Patrick Mahomes connects on a 17-yard touchdown pass to running back Damien Williams. The extra point is good, making it 24-7, Texans. In a matter of five minutes, the Chiefs went from +9.5 to +4.5. They are still down 17 points.

4:10 p.m. ET: On 4th and 4, the Texans send out the punt team. The point spread is Texans -5.5. The over/under is 65.5.

4:11 p.m. ET: Texans head coach Bill O’Brien decides to go for a fake punt, which comes up short. Oh no. The Texans are now down to -3.5.

4:13 p.m. ET: With the Chiefs driving down the field, the Texans, who were -9.5 just 14 minutes ago, are now +0.5. The over/under is up to 69.5.

4:14 p.m. ET: Mahomes connects on a five-yard touchdown pass to tight end Travis Kelce. The Chiefs are now -1.5, with the over/under up to 71.5. The Texans still lead, 24-14.

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4:21 p.m. ET: As the Chiefs are driving once again, the point spread continues to increase, with the Chiefs -3.5 to -4.5.

4:21 p.m. ET: The Chiefs score their third touchdown in 3:24 of game action. Mahomes and Kelce connect once again, this time for a six-yard touchdown pass. The line is now Chiefs -5.5. The over/under is 76.5. The score is 24-21, Texans.

4:32 p.m. ET: The Texans have officially collapsed. After a fumble, recovered by the Chiefs, Kansas City is now -7.5 as the two-minute warning hits.

4:40 p.m. ET: On 3rd and goal, before the Chiefs can even score their fourth touchdown of the second quarter, the Chiefs are now -10.5.

The Chiefs opened the game at -9.5. They were +9.5 just 41 minutes ago. Now, the Chiefs are -10.5.

4:45 p.m. ET: After the Chiefs take a 28-24 lead on another Mahomes to Kelce touchdown connection, there is some buyback on the Texans, dropping the line to 7.5. The over/under is up to 78.5.

4:48 p.m. ET: Following a 51-yard field goal miss by the Texans, the Chiefs take a 28-24 lead into the locker room.

At the half, the Chiefs are -7.5, the over/under is 78.5. On the moneyline, the Chiefs are -550, with the Texans +390.

4:54 p.m. ET: A few minutes into halftime, and NFL live betting odds don’t get a breather. The Chiefs are now up to -10.5, with the over/under still at 78.5. The Chiefs are now -800 on the moneyline and the Texans are +530.

4:59 p.m. ET: After a rollercoaster of an hour, the Chiefs end our NFL live betting experiment -10.5. The over/under remains at 78.5. On the moneyline, the Chiefs are -750 and the Texans +490.

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